Insurance Benefits

Heath Insurance

Taylor believes in the health of our employees and their families. The University provides employee benefits to eligible employees and retirees of the University.

Benefit Information

Plan Year: June 1, 2017 - May 31, 2018


Coverage Type Per Pay Period Per Year
Employee Only $74 $1,924
Employee plus Children $104 $2,704
Employee plus Spouse $139 $3,614
Employee plus Family $153 $3,978



Per Person $800
Per Family $1,600


In-network Co-pays

Primary Care Physician Office Visit $30
Specialist Office Visit $45
Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapy Office Visit $45
Emergency Room $100
Urgent Care Facilities $45


Wellness Benefits

Annual Maximum $150
Wellness Procedures (in network)
Immunizations 100% after $10 co-pay
Mammogram (one baseline between 35 and 39 years of age) 100% after $10 co-pay
Mammogram (*starts at age 40 annually) 100% after $10 co-pay
PSA (*starts at age 40, annually) 100% after $10 co-pay
Colonoscopy (*starts at age 40, one/5years) 100% after $10 co-pay
Sigmoidoscopy (*starts at age 40, one/5 years) 100% after $10 co-pay
*Unless medical necessity warrants otherwise



Subject to Deductible Encircle Network Encore Network Out of Network
Inpatient Hospitalization Paid at 90% Paid at 75% Paid at 60%
Outpatient Paid at 90% Paid at 75% Paid at 60%


Prescription Drug


Prescription Drug Deductibles

Per Calendar Year
Per Person $60
Per Family $120


Prescription Drug

  Pharmacy (30-day supply*) Mail Order (90-day supply)
Generic $15 $15
Brand Formulary $30 $35
Brand Non-Formulary $50 $55
*Upland Pharmacy can fill 90-day supply


Dental Coverage



Per Calendar Year
Per Person $50
Per Family $100
After the deductible, the plan pays 80%
Annual maximum per family member $750

Group Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

All full-time employees are eligible for group term life and accidental death and dismemberment benefits. You are a full-time Employee if you are customarily and regularly scheduled to work 1,560 hours or more per fiscal year.

Benefits will be two times your annual salary, rounded to the nearest thousand.

Minimum $50,000

Maximum $250,000

Flexible Benefit Programs

Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

The flexible benefit program allows employees to elect certain tax-free benefits. The program allows the employee to use the tax free monies for their cost of medical, dental and prescription drug coverage, and other eligible medical expenses.

Dependent Care Reimbursement Account

Pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code, employees are able to tax shelter money for the purpose of childcare expenses.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

All full-time employees are eligible for long-term disability insurance benefits.

Payable after 90 calendar days of “disability”, 60% of your basic salary.

Worker’s Compensation

Taylor University provides protection for employees in accordance with the state Worker’s Compensation Law. In the event an employee sustains a job related injury or illness a worker’s compensation report form must be completed with Human Resources immediately. This must be done even if the employee declines or believes medical treatment is not required. This procedure is for the protection of the employee and Taylor University.

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