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Our mission statement drives what Taylor University is all about. 

The mission of Taylor University is to develop servant leaders marked with a passion to minister Christ's redemptive love and truth to a world in need.

Taylor University might be the place for you if your heart and mind is leading you to seek a place where the following ideas are strived for:

  • The central role of Christian Higher Education is effectively shaping disciples of Christ.  That making disciples is an activity of the mind, heart, soul, and hands and is vital at this critical stage of development.
  • The impact of faculty and staff on students in a residential community is the primary focus of achieving this mission.
  • That community is defined as forgiven people who, in response to the underserved love of a gracious God, love and serve each other with an attitude exemplified by the servant towel.  This community is not predicated on perfection, but on an authentic desire to be followers of Christ, and our desire to see each other become more like Him.  This commitment is summarized in our Life Together Covenant (LTC).  
  • We believe that the success of our mission depends on the quality and commitment of our faculty and staff. Therefore we desire to employ talented and qualified individuals who demonstrate a vital commitment to the Taylor mission and want to invest in our intentional community. Since we are a people centric ministry, we also desire to develop our faculty and staff for their future success as well.
  • Involvement in the Taylor community should provide, our faculty and staff the individual opportunity to make a difference and to get involved in the lives of our students.
  • That the combined efforts of our faculty and staff, together, to make a difference in the world.
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